• [Intentional innovation]

    The spiral concept uses the plastic axis as a chromosome and extends out of the line. The DNA of the second generation is inherited and the spirit of the company continues.

    [Priority of Service]

    Children run freely on the grassland, recycling economy concept

    , give back to the next generation of new green living environment.

    [Quality First]

    Cooperation with Clients, Improved Design, Solar Modules

    Development of coiling reel molds for discharge and mass production of spools, indirect help for regenerative energy

    The promotion of the source responds to the government's renewable energy policy and does its best to society.

    [Customer is respected]

    modern city downtown scenery, customer needs extensive communication cable,

    The product line, the motor line, the energized wire rod in the solar panel module, etc.

    Use and look forward to a better business prospect in the future.

    We provide the most professional needs advice, peace of mind of quality assurance.

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